What type of shoes did Steve McQueen wear in Bullitt?

A fan writes that if you freeze frame the scene at the end of Bullitt ( where he shoots the guy at the airport and kicks his gun away) it's clear that the shoes are definitely not TOD's

"They are a classic Sanders Playboy Lo Chukka Suede Boot with crepe soles like those pictured, made by Sanders & Sanders, a family owned Northamptonshire shoe maker." 



On a retailer's website, oipolloi.com, the shoe's description says, "as worn by Steve McQueen." Price listed is 135 pounds, or about 218 dollars. 

Here's the previous answer that was posted on Questions Page 9:

They are (possibly)  TOD'S Driving Shoes.


     "Tod's Driving Shoe. Introduced on shoes made for Fiat magnate Gianni Agnelli. Diego Della Valle's signature pedal grippers altered the footprints of die-hard drivers and became a symbol of casual chic"  Made in Italy by J.P. Tod's. These retail for around 450 dollars.