What kind of shoes did Steve McQueen wear in The Great Escape?

A booklet that comes with these shoes says they are Clark's Desert BootsMcQueen also wore them off-screen, according to Clark's. 

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Clarks Desert Boot

The Clark's booklet says:

(Thanks to Paul Dezentjé for the above info)


However, the boots McQueen wore in the movie do not appear to be Clark's Desert Boots. They are standard GI Issue M-43 Roughout Boots, which were worn by U.S. troops during World War 2 and would be correct for the character of Hilts.  

Replicas of this WWII boot are made by various manufacturers. Toys McCoy, a Japanese company licensed to sell McQueen products, has replicas of McQueen's Great Escape boots with the following description: 

TOYS McCOY JAPAN-The Great Escape-Steve McQueen-Service Shoes 

" Toys McCoy scarce Steve McQueen Legend Collection boots. These are the same style M-43 service shoes that Steve McQueen wore in The Great Escape movie. They come in an attractive fully illustrated box. No doubt will be a high-end collectible. Made with the best materials and detail only a Japanese maker could produce. Wear or display them, you'll need to make that choice."  (these replicas sell on Ebay for $649)