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The Sand Pebbles: A Tribute--A great page by Crispin Garcia on my favorite movie. The complete resource for this epic film. Everything you ever wanted to know and then some! A really amazing website!

Steve McQueen Television Schedule--A very useful site. Lists what McQueen movies are on television for the current month. Steve McQueen books (and videos), even those out of print. Just type "Steve McQueen" in the Enter keywords box below. For Videos, select "Video" in the Search: box.

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Brad's Mustang Site--Simply the best Mustang website on the internet. Everything there is to know about Mustangs, including a geat Bullitt section with lots of photos. Definitely a must see!

Bullitt/Mustang Website--The First Mustang Club of Germany--Wolfgang Kohrn has the first website to have detailed information on the Mustang used in Bullitt along with insider information on the making of the movie.

Bullitt/Northern California Movies: A site with some nice pictures from the movie Bullitt. Also a few links.

E-Online/Heart Throbs--Steve McQueen's listing as one of the biggest heart-throbs of the last 100 years.

Internet Movie Database--Filmography, cast and crew lists on all McQueen films. In September Arena Editions published a lavish new book of photographs of Steve McQueen by noted photographer William Claxton. Many of these photographs are unpublished and together with Claxton's foreword and his anecdotes of their six year friendship, the book should be quite beautiful and a revelation as well.

A French Kiss With Death--Information on a new book about the making of the movie Le Mans by drivers Michael Keyser and Jonathan Williams.

Steve McQueen: A Man on the Edge--Site by the company that produced this documentary which aired on PBS.

Jat Entertainment: Many different celebrity websites are listed here, as well as info on celebrity artwork, screen and stage performances. A very nice site. --Article by Steve McQueen titled "What I like in a Bike and How I Pick 'em" from Popular Science (1966).

Tribute to Steve McQueen--A page dedicated to Steve McQueen with lots of photos and detailed filmography. However, it's never updated. -- Had the last Harley Davidson Steve bought for his collection for sale. Auction is now over but pictures and information on the motorcycle are still there.

Roger Harris' Poster Page --A cool page which has the posters from all of McQueen's films as well as other information.

StarPages --A list of McQueen related links. (Click below to vote for this site)

Zurich Memorial Party Photographs--Here are some pictures from a Memorial party in honor of Steve McQueen held on Nov. 7, 2000 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Original McQueen Photo--A never before seen McQueen picture first released on this site.

Born to be a Legend-- Author Morris Heldt has written a fantastic article on the legend of Steve McQueen and what it was that made him so successful.

The Robert Vaughn Lounge--A very well made page on Steve's co-star in Bullitt and the Towering Inferno.

E-Bay Auction Site--Many rare McQueen items for sale including posters. Just type "McQueen" in the search box.

Geocities McQueen Links--A short list of McQueen related links. --McQueen videos for sale and to RENT over the internet! Also filmography and links.

King of Cool--The official press release for the documentary on Steve McQueen titled "King of Cool."

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Lords of Acid--Website of my favorite band. cameras of different beaches, which include surf reports and other surfing news.

Cherokee A great page on Jeeps, this one focusing on Cherokees. Detailed information on how to modify and maintain your Jeep! I've used this site many times to maintain my own Jeep.

Off you want to know about off-road fun. News, vehicle reviews, racing news, off road tech and much more.

Los Angeles Information--Nice site with links for info on L.A., my favorite city. Some links are out of date.


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