Publisher releases new details for Steve McQueen: The Last Mile.  

Dalton Watson Fine Books has set a price, a release date and is releasing other new details about Barbara McQueen's upcoming photo book, Steve McQueen: The Last Mile. The publisher plans on a special limited edition run of 2,000 books, which will be signed by Barbara McQueen and her co-author, Marshall Terrill. The limited editions, priced at $95, will include a slipcase and a compact disc of the superstar going over his script notes as he prepares to film Tom Horn. It is a unique insight into how Steve McQueen prepared for a role and how he thought in cinematic terms,Terrill said. He had a show, don't tell attitude when it came to developing the screenplay and his role. The other thing the listener will discover is that many of Steve's ideas that made it to the screen weren't in the original screenplay. His instinct for what worked on film was incredible and usually right on. The 45-minute compact disc is just one of several hours of conversations McQueen taped in preparation for the 1980 Western. The November 2006 release date for Steve McQueen: The Last Mile coincides with the 26th anniversary of the actor's death and also an auction of McQueen memorabilia hosted by Bonhams and Butterfields ( at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. The book will be on high quality photo paper and contain pictures documenting Barbara McQueen's three-and-a-half year relationship with the movie icon, including candid shots from 1977 to 1980, McQueen's years out of the spotlight. It chronicles Barbara's early history and modeling career; her years with McQueen at Trancas Beach and Santa Paula as well as behind-the-scene photos on the sets of Tom Horn and The Hunter. Terrill said the photo book is written in passage form, weaving Barbara McQueen's personal history, her relationship with her famous husband and the stories behind the hundreds of candid pictures she took. It will also include a special foreword by Pat Johnson, McQueen's close friend and karate instructor. The book is being crafted with a lot of attention to detail by Barbara, myself and the publisher,Terrill said. It's a very special project and I know the book will be a collector's item in years to come. Once the limited editions are sold out, the publisher plans to sell a mass market version of the book in 2007. To reserve a limited edition copy of Steve McQueen: The Last Mile, go to on the Internet. .

To reserve a limited edition copy of Steve McQueen:  The Last Mile, go to on the Internet.