What were Steve McQueen's favorite shoes?

Neile McQueen, Steve's first wife, mentions in her book what brand of shoes McQueen wore the most.

"He was featured in all the fashion magazines-mens and womens-modeling the latest sportswear and also the Cardin and Brioni suits he favored at that time-along with the Murray’s Space Shoes he insisted on wearing. Steve had problems with his feet and knees and was almost always in pain due to all the injuries he’d suffered in motorcycle racing accidents. The Danny Kaye suggested Steve try these shoes and they’d save him a lot of pain. He had several pairs made for him and very rarely wore anything else. They looked a little odd under those expensive clothes and also gave the mistaken impression that he wore lifts. Not true. At five feet ten and a half, there was no reason to."

Murray's Space Shoes are really ugly. 

From the manufacturers website:

MURRAY SPACE SHOES are truly custom made because our unique process captures all the three dimensional measurements, all the top, side and bottom contours of YOUR feet before shoemaking begins. We don’t pinch, squeeze or distort YOUR feet to put them into some arbitrary shape.

Every shoe, boot and sandal is truly custom made for each foot by a unique molding process. Many shoemakers claim “custom made” for advertising purposes, but MURRAY SPACE SHOE really makes custom made shoes, custom made boots and custom made sandals according to the shape of YOUR feet.

The inside of MURRAY SPACE SHOES are made to fit YOUR feet. MURRAY SPACE SHOES are custom made by molding them to plaster casts the shape and size of YOUR individual feet. That is WHY they are the most comfortable shoes in the World!


Unbelievably these shoes are still being made, and the Murray's Space Shoes website is as ugly as the shoes.


It's true. McQueen really did wear them.