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Republican Steve McQueen Makes A Comeback

Thanks to DVD renewing an interest in his films, news of a biopic, and the return of the “Bullitt” Mustang, for the first time Steve McQueen’s ranked in the Top-Ten-Earning Dead Celebrities. All of this is well past-due and unsurprising because as I’ve mentioned on this site previously, McQueen was the last true immortal to grace the screen. He’s been dead twenty-seven years and since, some like Denzel have come close, but most are lame pretenders.

Something you won’t hear or read about as McQueen enters a chic status among the Beautiful Poseurs that would’ve revolted him, is that he was a true iconoclast: a born-again Christian and conservative Republican who backed the Vietnam War. Keep in mind this was during the 60s and 70s when his generation of Hollywood was as liberal and hyper-politicized as today’s generation, only talented.

This late appreciation of McQueen I think stems from fifteen years of practically zero star power on the screen. People catch an airing of The Great Escape, Bullitt, Papillon, or even marginal McQueen, and find themselves blown away by what it used to be like to go to the movies before the great meterosexual revolution of the nineties killed the Movie Star.

Steve McQueen’s screen presence was a perfect blend of beatnik and badass. He could brood with the best of them, but unlike Dean and Brando that moodiness never erupted into a breakdown or tantrum, but rather physical, competent, action.


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