Barry Feinstein 

Edited by Dagon James and Tony Nourmand, Introduced by Dave Brolan 

I’m not sure whether I’m an actor who races or a racer who acts.” - Steve McQueen 

This November, Reel Art Press will release a stunning photographic volume of unseen Steve McQueen; an amazing collection of unpublished images of the public and private life of a true icon.

Barry Feinstein was one of Steve McQueen’s closest friends, notorious for restricting access to his incredible, closely guarded photographic archive. The term ‘unseen photographs’ is generally misleading and overused but in this instance, it is simply true. These rare, previously unpublished photographs include over 120 wide monochromatic images taken at the height of McQueen’s movie career. Great photographs, great artists and great friends, Barry Feinstein and Steve McQueen, both the epitome of cool, doing what they loved doing most and doing it better than most. While McQueen was creating his legend, starring in films such as The Thomas Crown Affair, The Great Escape, Bullitt and Le Mans, Feinstein’s images were capturing not just the icon but the real man in action. 

Gifted with an unfailing taste for fashion and an innate sense of stoic style, Steve McQueen is still regarded worldwide as the undisputed King of Cool. The archetypal anti-hero, an international superstar who began life as a juvenile delinquent and trailblazed his way to the top of counterculture iconography without ever breaking his cool. 

There is an extraordinary breadth to Feinstein’s collection. These are intimate moments of McQueen with family and friends, on and off the set of Bullitt and alongside the racetrack, powerful portrayals in front of the movie camera juxtaposed with quiet moments of paternal affection as his son sleeps, head on his lap. Steve McQueen is as at ease in his trademark Ivy style as he is whilst wiping engine oil from his hands dressed in his Lotus and Porsche sponsored racing overalls. His passion for fast cars and motorcycles were all part of his daredevil and thrill-seeking persona. His mantra, ‘I live for myself and I answer to nobody’, personified his uber cool image. Perfected throughout his life, it remains unchallenged. 

Barry Feinstein was an exceptional photographer and his long close relationship with McQueen allowed him unique access and genuine insight both on and off screen. McQueen trusted Feinstein, he liked his ground-breaking style of unconventional shots, naturalistic, contemporary and uncontrived. Feinstein’s work earned him the respect of not just his close friend McQueen, but world politicians like JFK and Nixon and cultural icons such as George Harrison, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan; not an easy group to impress but they all admired and trusted him. Feinstein believed a photograph should not be used rather than be used badly. His close personal friendship with Steve McQueen allowed for an unspoken intimacy and understanding, which shines through in every image. 

Unseen McQueen opens with an insightful dedication from Judith Jamison, Barry Feinstein’s wife; an analysis of his working practice and personal outlook from his friend and colleague Dave Brolan; and a short history of Steve McQueen’s cultural and stylistic influence from Ivy aficionado Graham Marsh. This incredible, must-have book is the one that all true Steve McQueen fans have been waiting for; a portrait of the real man behind the icon. 

© Photographs Judith Jamison/Barry Feinstein Photography, Inc





Book Information: £19.95/$29.95; ISBN: 978-1-909526-04-4 HB; 128 pp; over 100 B&W photographs; 275 x 230 mm / 11 x 9 in. 

Dave Brolan is a highly respected photo editor, curator and archivist specializing in music photography. Editor of the books Baron Wolman: The Rolling Stone Years, Trust: The Photographs of Jim Marshall, Real Moments: Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein, Hell & Redemption: Johnny Cash by Andy Earl. Consultant for museums, galleries magazines, publishers and record companies worldwide. 
Dagon James is an artist, designer and the founder of Lid magazine, a high-end independent arts magazine available worldwide. 

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