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1956     Somebody Up There Likes Me (MGM) --Fido (very small part)

1958     Never Love a Stranger (Allied Artists)-- Martin Cabel

1958     The Blob (1958) (Paramount) --Steve Andrews

1958     The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (UA) -- George Fowler. 

1959     Never So Few (MGM)--Sgt. Bill Ringa

1960     The Magnificent Seven (UA)--Vin

1961     The Honeymoon Machine (MGM) -- Lt. Fergie Howard

1962     Hell Is For Heroes (Paramount) Reese

1962     The War Lover (Columbia) Buzz Rickson

1963     The Great Escape (UA ) Virgil Hilts

1963     Soldier in the Rain (Allied Artists) Sgt. Eustis Clay

1963     Love with the Proper Stranger (Paramount) Rocky Papasano

1965     Baby the Rain Must Fall (Columbia) Henry Thomas

1965     The Cincinnati Kid (MGM) Eric Stoner

1966     Nevada Smith (Paramount) Max Sand

1966     The Sand Pebbles (20th Century Fox, ) Jake Holman

1968     The Thomas Crown Affair (UA) Thomas Crown

1968     Bullitt (Warner Brothers) Lt. Frank Bullitt

1969     The Reivers (Cinema Center/Ntnl General) Boon Hogganbeck

1971     Le Mans (Cinema Center/ Ntnl General) Michael Delaney

1971     On Any Sunday (Cinema 5) Appears in this documentary (2000)  On Any Sunday Revisited  

1972     Junior Bonner (ABC-Cinerama) Junior Bonner

1972     The Getaway (National General ) Doc McCoy

1973     Papillon  (Allied Artists)  Papillon

1974     The Towering Inferno  (20th Century Fox, WB ) Michael O'Hallorhan

1978     An Enemy of the People (Warner Brothers) Thomas Stockman

1980     Tom Horn (Warner Brothers ) Tom Horn

1980     The Hunter (Paramount) Ralph Thorson


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