The Sand Pebbles: A Tribute--A great page by Crispin Garcia. The complete resource for this epic film. Everything you ever wanted to know and then some!  

The Steve McQueen Mugshot--Simply the coolest mugshot in the history of the world. Steve McQueen books (and videos), even those out of print. Just type "Steve McQueen" in the Enter keywords box below. For Videos, select "Video" in the Search: box.

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Original McQueen photos--Tricia Cleland sent these never before seen photos from Santa Paula, 1979.

Steve McQueen Official Site: --After many years the agency that handles McQueen product licenses puts up a website.

Roger Harris' Poster Page --A cool page which has the posters from all of McQueen's films as well as other information.

Steve McQueen Online  --A nice new site on Steve McQueen by Darren Wright. Lots of pictures, information, and much more.

The Barbour McQueen Collection--Barbour McQueen collection is a fantastic range of classic motorbike jackets and other clothing made popular from the Barbour brand featuring the iconic Steve McQueen.

Infinities Menswear -- Official retailer of Barbour Steve McQueen clothing. When you want to order, this is the place to do it.

Gregory's French Blog-- A nice blog dedicated to Steve McQueen (in French.)

Born to be a Legend-- Author Morris Heldt has written an article on the legend of Steve McQueen.

Original McQueen Photo--Photographer and racecar driver Jesse Bravo took this photo during a race in 1962.