These never before published photos of Steve McQueen were taken in June of 1979. They were sent in by Tricia Cleland. Her father, Pat Tomlinson built the Sopwith plane shown in some of the photos. The plane is now in a museum. Tricia writes, "He (Steve) visited my Dad in June 1979 in Porterville, CA with Barbara and some other pilot friends to see the Sopwith Pup my Dad had built as he wanted to use it in a proposed movie. Unfortunately the movie never got made as Steve was very sick but he and my Dad became good friends. They visited several times after in the hanger where Steve and Barbara lived in Santa Paula."

(Special thanks to Tricia Cleland for sending these photos)




Pat Tomlinson, Steve McQueen, Barbara Minty

McQueen's Stearman
Parked in the hanger of Pat Tomlinson, Porterville, CA


Air Show
Mike Tomlinson, McQueen and wife Barbara waiting to watch the show put on by Pat Tomlinson in his Sopwith Pup.


Sopwith Preparation
Machine gun ground crew watched by Mike, Steve and Barbara.