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Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool

Marshall Terrill's new book is an amazing, unique tribute that captures Steve McQueen's life unlike anything else has. 

Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool (Dalton Watson Fine Books), tells the actor’s story in chronological order through the eyes of those who knew him best: family, friends, co-stars, business associates, acquaintances and adoring fans from around the globe.  Written in passage form, each person brings a different view to the man and legend, presenting him in an unsurpassed 360-degree perspective.

“It’s very unique in its presentation because it reads like a biography, but it’s really a photo and tribute book,” Terrill said, who spent nearly three years compiling the information.  “There’s really nothing else on the market quite like it.  I know it will please McQueen fans.”

Accompanying the 200 passages are hundreds of photos taken of McQueen throughout his life and movie career, many seen here for the first time as well as personal items, documents and movie memorabilia.

The book will also include a foreword by Barbara McQueen, a family tree of Steve McQueen’s history and quotes by several Hollywood luminaries.

The book has been published in two versions. The Special Edition is limited to 2000 numbered copies signed by both Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen. It includes a CD of a recording of a lecture given by Steve McQueen at Loyola Marymount University in 1978, where he talked about the making of An Enemy of the People, and afterwards took questions from the audience.    

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Marshall Terrill, who spent three years compiling the information for this book, is a film, sports and music writer and the author of more than a dozen books, including best-selling biographies of Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley and Pete Maravich. Three of his books are in development to be made into movies. 

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Steve McQueen: The Last Mile

Barbara McQueen’s photos put the reader inside Steve's world during the three and a half years they were together, from their first meeting in 1977 until his untimely death in 1980. Steve McQueen's life is captured in detail through her recollections and the hundreds of photos, that she personally took, that accompany her stories. Barbara, who was a top fashion model when she met Steve,  reveals her unique life with him spent traveling the country, on the beaches of Malibu, and living in Santa Paula. She also photographed Steve on the set of Tom Horn and the Hunter. "The Last Mile" will make you feel as though you finally got to see what the real Steve McQueen was like.  

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"Steve McQueen features action shots of McQueen with his motorcycle buddies, in his fast cars, with his leading ladies and fellow actors, including scenes from several of his early and best films. One hundred black and white, and color images will appear in this unique book design commemorating one of the most compelling actors of the twentieth century. Steve McQueen is a photographic close-up of a great movie star, and a touching memory of a personal friendship." *

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Steve McQueen William Claxton. 9"x12". 176 Pages. 100 Duotone and 20 four color plates. (ISBN:1-892041-37-5) $60.00.

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Nationally Known film historian Wes D. Gehring explores how McQueen rose from his days as a troubled youth into one of Hollywood's top box-office stars of the 1960s and 1970s, and how he attempted to ease the lives of other troubled youth. Along the way, Gehring delves into McQueen's early success as a television star on the hit Western Wanted: Dead or Alive, his sometimes rocky relationships with women, his sardonic sense of humor, the actor's love of fast cars and motorcycles, and McQueen's often neglected acting in such films as The Reivers (1969) and Junior Bonner (1972), which Gehring labels as "arguably his greatest performance." McQueen ironically saw the title of one of his best films, The Great Escape, as a veiled reference to what his life might have been like without the movies: "If I hadn't made it as an actor, I might have wound up a hood." McQueen died from cancer on November 7, 1980, at the age of fifty. Reflecting on the Hoosier actor's career, Gehring notes that "McQueen's often unorthodox life was always lived on his own terms, but with the underlying insecurity of the lost child he perceived himself to be."


The book Road & Track called

“One of the best racing event books I’ve ever read...
This truly is a remarkable work.”

On March 21, 1970, the greatest drivers and racecars in the world gathered at an old WW II airfield in the middle of Florida orange groves to participate in the 12 Hours of Sebring - Andretti, Gurney, Ickx, Redman, Rodriguez, Siffert, Parkes, Elford, Cevert. Porsche 917's, Ferrari 512's, Matra 650's, Alfa Romeo T-33's. Little did they know that they were about to particpate in, what some have called, "one of the most exciting endurance races ever."

Against the might of the factory teams, an out-classed Porsche 908 driven by Peter Revson and Steve McQueen suddenly found itself in a position to win the race. What transpired at the end is now a part of motor racing legend.

Take a trip back in time as the story of this memorable race is told through photographs and the remembrances of people who were there!

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 12 Hours of Sebring 1970: The Story of One Race and the Cars and Drivers That Made It Great

Bentley Publishers announces the publication and availability of ex-racer and acclaimed motor sports photographer and author Michael Keyser's "A French Kiss with Death: Steve McQueen and the Making of LeMans: The Man, The Race, The Cars, The Movie." This exciting new hardcover book from Bentley is part celebrity biography, part motor sports and part movie making.


Hardcover - 464 pages 1st edition (November 1999) Bentley Publishers; ISBN: 0837602343 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.55 x 10.85 x 8.40

(Thanks to Patrick Jongejan of the Netherlands for the information on this book)

Japanese and French books on Steve McQueen:

(Thanks to Vincent Daubigny of France for sending the following information)

There are many books on McQueen, and all are very good. Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel, by Marshall Terrill, is one of the best.

Here is one of my favorite passages from this book:

     Not one to socialize with the Hollywood crowd, Steve asked Pat Johnson and his wife, along with a then unknown Chuck Norris and his wife, to attend an event with him and Ali. "Everybody who was anybody in Hollywood was there," remembers Johnson. It was a black tie affair, but McQueen showed up in a plaid Benetton lumberjack shirt, blue jeans, boots, and a long beard.
     Not once during the event did McQueen get up. Instead, everybody in the room came over to greet him like he was royalty. Says Pat Johnson, "The cream of the crop from Hollywood came over to Steve to shake his was like they were paying homage to him. They were all in awe of him. He was not in awe of anybody."

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