Pictures created by Donna Redden

Somebody Up There Likes Me (MGM, 1956)-------------



Never Love A Stranger (Allied Artists, 1958)---------------

Martin Cabel

ORDER: Never Love a Stranger (VHS)

The Blob (Paramount, 1958) ------------------------------------

Steve Andrews

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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery (UA, 1958) --

George Fowler

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Never So Few (MGM, 1959)-----------------------------------

Sgt. Bill Ringa

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The Magnificent Seven (UA, 1960)--Vin

ORDER: The Magnificent Seven (VHS) or ---------------

The Magnificent Seven Widescreen or

The Magnificent Seven (DVD)

The Honeymoon Machine (MGM, 1961) ----

Lt. Fergie Howard

ORDER: The Honeymoon Machine (VHS) -------------

Hell Is For Heroes (Paramount, 1962)


ORDER:  Hell is for Heroes (VHS) or DVD---------------

The Great Escape (UA, 1963)

Virgil Hilts .......

ORDER:  The Great Escape (VHS) or DVD--------------

Soldier In The Rain (Allied Artists, 1963) ..........----------.

Sgt. Eustis Clay

(not available)

Love With The Proper Stranger-------------------------------


Rocky Papasano

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Baby, The Rain Must Fall (Columbia, 1965)---------------

Henry Thomas

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The Cincinnati Kid (MGM, 1965) -----------------------------

Eric Stoner -----------

ORDER:  The Cincinnati Kid (VHS)

Nevada Smith (Paramount, 1966) ================

Max Sand

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The Sand Pebbles (20th Century Fox, 1966) ---------------

Jake Holman

ORDER: The Sand Pebbles (VHS) or DVD

The Thomas Crown Affair (UA, 1968)

Thomas Crown

ORDER: The Thomas Crown Affair (VHS) or-----------

The Thomas Crown Affair (DVD)

Bullitt (Warner Brothers, 1968) -------------------------------

Lt. Frank Bullitt

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Bullitt (DVD) or

Bullitt DVD- Limited Edition Collector's Set---------

The Reivers (Cinema Center/Ntnl General, 1969)

Boon Hogganbeck

ORDER: The Reivers (VHS) or DVD-----------------------

Le Mans (Cinema Center/ Ntnl General, 1971)-----------

Michael Delaney

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On Any Sunday (Cinema 5, 1971) ----------------------------

Appears in this documentary racing motorcycles----

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On Any Sunday Revisited (2000)
ORDER:On Any Sunday Revisited (VHS) or DVD

Junior Bonner (ABC-Cinerama, 1972) ----------------------

Junior Bonner

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The Getaway (National General, 1972)

Doc McCoy

ORDER: The Getaway (VHS) or DVD---------------------

Papillon (Allied Artists, 1973) ---------------------------------


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Papillon(Widescreen Edition) or -------------------------


The Towering Inferno

(20th Century Fox, WB, 1974)

Michael O'Hallorhan

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An Enemy Of The People (Warner Brothers, 1978) -----

Thomas Stockman

(not available)

Tom Horn (Warner Brothers, 1980)------------------------

Tom Horn

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The Hunter (Paramount, 1980) =================

Ralph Thorson---------

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