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There are two watches, a Heuer and a Rolex, that McQueen made popular.  Here are the details:

Among wristwatch enthusiasts, Steve McQueen made two particular models very famous: the Heuer Monaco and the Rolex Explorer II.

The Rolex Explorer II (ref. 1655), which was made in the 1970's and early 80's, is very collectable, rare, and referred to as the Steve McQueen Rolex.

The model Steve McQueen wore in real life, also known as the Steve McQueen Rolex, is the 1974 Rolex SS Explorer II, REF. 5512. It is also called the Steve McQueen Explorer or a Freccione era Explorer, or the Steve McQueen Freccione.

  This watch sold at auction for $234,000, twenty times the original estimate and a record price for that reference. 


The Heuer Monaco was recently re-released due to the popularity of Steve McQueen and is for sale at Tag Heuer watch dealers. The current Monaco is slightly different from the genuine Steve McQueen model of the late 60's-early 70's. The chronograph dial does not measure as long a duration as the original and the movement is different. The dials are also different colors. The original model is one of the most collectable of all Heuer watches.




The first Monaco re-issue had the earliest dial but the re-issue was very limited. After this first re-issued series, Heuer released a series with a dial that met the demands of our time. It was not a re-issue, but a 2000 remake. They also did not bring back one of the most remarkable features: on the original watch, the crown (to wind the watch and direct the hands) was at the left side, the pushers on the right side. This feature has direct consequences for the calibre (the 'inside' of the watch, the movement), so that will be the reason for not bringing it back. And they did not use the old logo. (Thanks to Paul Dezentje for the info.)

The original watch that McQueen wore during the filming of Le Mans sold at auction for $799,500.

1969 Monaco 1133 sold at auction

2009 TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 Automatic Chronograph CAW2111.FC6183

Various models available:


What type of motorcycle did Virgil Hilts (Steve McQueen) steal from a German soldier while trying to escape from the P.O.W. camp in "The Great Escape?"

The motorcycle McQueen used in The Great Escape was a 1961 Triumph TR6 Trophy Bird made to look like a wartime BMW.

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