Among wristwatch enthusiasts, Steve McQueen made two particular models very famous: the Heuer Monaco and the Rolex Submariner ref. 5512.

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Peter Close in the U.K. has created this sculpture of Steve McQueen from the movie Le Mans. (Hand cast in high quality cold cast bronze in the artists own workshop, this unique piece is a must for any serious Steve McQueen collector) Height 10in/26cm Weight 3kg   74.99 To see more photos, order, or view the artist's other fantastic sculpures, click on the link below! 

Peter Close Sculpture


Patrick Harrington from Global Silver Autoworks has a .925 silver hand carved Bullitt Mustang in the dog tag format available at: WWW.GLOBALAUTOSILVERWORKS.COM



These two items are from the private collection of Karen Hornbaker

Slot machine (dated 1910) owned by Steve McQueen and purchased at the McQueen Estate auction in 2006.

Photo that hung in Steve's office. Neile McQueen has stated it was one of his favorites.



12" Steve McQueen and WWII German Motorcycle. High Quality Exact Replica in Die-Cast Steel 1:18 Scale. 

Half Body Hood Raises to Detailed Engine and Passenger Doors Open.

HARTLAND of the late Steve McQueen potraying his famous TV Western Character, JOSH RANDALL, from "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE."  This Steve Mcqueen figure is made in Japan[Toys Mccoy] Very highly  detail and collector's item. Item has been bidded at $995. G.I.Joe body[30th aniversarry] is used as body. 16 strong and  durable body parts, 22 adjustable movements. Rifle, bullet, horsehide  holster, well-formed western hat are included. This figure has been made only  3000pcs all over the world. 


Exact 1:18 scale collector level die-cast steel. By 1957 Jaguar had built sixty-eight D-type racing cars as port of its international sportscar racing program. Following withdrawal from racing, twenty-five completed D-Types were left unsold. To make use of these cars, Jaguar Cars Ltd. converted them into road-going sport scars - the Jaguar XKSS. REVELL 1/25 scale pre-painted metal body and plastic kit #85-1513-factory sealed-skill level 2. 1968 FORD MUSTANG FASTBACK PRE-PAINTED IN DARK METALLIC GREEN FROM THE MOVIE "BULLITT" STARING STEVE McQUEEN. Details include: full tampo printed emblems and silver trim, detailed body with opening hood and V-8 engine, black and chrome front grill, detailed chassis and interior, detailed mag rims and tires, easy snap, screw and glue assembly with glue included. Comes in a decorated window box.


Revell #85-1514 - Steve McQueen Bullitt '68 Dodge Charger - 1/25th scale, skill level 2. Kit features : prepainted metal body - no painting required, easy snap & glue construction with glue included, highly 
detailed interior & engine, opening hood.

Miniature Cap Rifle replica of the gun used in Wanted:Dead or Alive.


Leather jacket for The Great Escape figure

Toys McCoy Great Escape action figure. This was the 
first of the series of three. It includes a baseball and glove.


Steve McQueen resin kit/sculpture available from MouldArt. It may be purchased completed and painted, as seen below, with a bronze finish, or as an unfinished kit. 1)Resin kit, as on the photo but in seperate unpainted resin components,172.40 dollars 2)Painted and assembled as on the photo 94 dollars 3)Cold cast bronze finish 148.90 dollars.


There were three lengths (5 1/2 inch, 13 inch and 19 inch) of "Mares Laig" rifles produced by MARX toy company during the run of Steve's TV series WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE  FROM 1959-1961. This is the deluxe 19 inch, bullet ejecting version which came in a box with a really cool holster. There are ten metal bullets which fit into loops in the belt, and four plastic bullets which fit into a side slot and actually eject out the top of the rifle when you pull the trigger or the lever arm.  In mint condition they sell for 600-800 dollars. 

19" Mare's leg in box


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