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I understand that Steve McQueen had a pilots license. What type of airplane did he like to fly?

McQueen enjoyed flying old airplanes like his PT-17 Stearman biplane, which was originally built in the 1940's for the U.S. Navy.

What kind of car did Steve McQueen drive in the racing movie Le Mans? 

1970 Porsche 917K Kurzheck Coupe


One of these used in the movie "Le Mans" as a camera car and driven by Steve McQueen in several scenes became the most expensive Porsche ever sold (14 million dollars at auction).

What is the address to the house in Los Angeles with a famous mural of Steve McQueen painted on it's side?


It was at 1151 S. Union Street, Los Angeles, CA. Painted in 1971, it was Kent Twitchell's first public mural.

I've seen many pictures of Steve McQueen with a unique looking Jaguar. What type of Jaguar was it and what happened to this car?

The car is a Jaguar XK-SS, a limited edition touring version of the D-type Jaguar that won LeMans in 1955, 56, and 57. Only 18 were ever built. Steve McQueen used it as an every day car for a few years and sold it in the sixties. A decade later, Steve repurchased the car for many times what he had sold it for and had plans to restore it but never got the chance. In 1984, the car was sold at the McQueen estate auction for $147,500 to a collector and he restored it to McQueen's specifications.

UPDATE: It is now located at the Peterson Automotive Museum, and valued at about $30 million.

How many academy awards was "The Sand Pebbles" nominated for?

This amazing film was nominated for eight academy awards, including the best actor nomination for Steve McQueen. There is a great internet site concerning "The Sand Pebbles" with very detailed information on this movie. It is located at :

Where was Steve McQueen living in 1980?

He was living on a ranch near the Santa Paula Airport in California.

In the movie Tom Horn, Steve McQueen rode a beautiful horse. Could you tell me the name of the horse, and did McQueen perform some of the action scenes with the horse?

The horse's name was Buster and Steve McQueen did his own riding. The director of photography on Tom Horn said, "I've never seen anyone handle a horse better. He would get on Buster with a rifle and fire at full gallop. He was going as fast as the horse could go and he handled it beautifully."

Which acting schools did Steve McQueen attend?

He went to the Neighborhood Playhouse, The Herbert-Bergoff Drama School (on a scholarship), and the Actors Studio (he was one of two people, out of 2000 applicants, who were accepted). They are located in New York.

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