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What was the title of the movie McQueen did stuntwork on just because he was bored?

The title was "Dixie Dynamite." It was a low budget motorcycle comedy made in 1978. You can't tell who is Steve McQueen since he doesn't have a part. He was a stuntman on this movie, not an actor.

Where is Steve McQueen buried?

He was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

What was Steve's duty in the U.S. Marines?

He was a tank driver with the Second Marine Division of the Fleet Marine Force.

What happened to Steve McQueen's parents?

Steve's father abandoned him when he was six months old. During his life Steve attempted to find his father and eventually, after he became famous, did track him down but it was too late. William McQueen had died three months before Steve located him. A woman who was living with his father told Steve that William McQueen would watch Wanted: Dead or Alive every week and wonder aloud, "I wonder if that's my boy?" Steve McQueen's mother, Julia Ann Crawford, died at age fifty (in 1965) from a cerebral hemorhage.

I remember reading something about the way Steve got along with the horse in Wanted:Dead or Alive. Do you know anything about this?

Here it is in Steve's own words: "When I first started, they gave me this real old horse they put on rollerskates and pushed in on the sound stage. So I went see Dick Powell, whom I liked very much. I said, 'Listen, let me pick out my own horse. We're gonna be in this series for a while. I'd kind of like to have a horse I got something going with, you know.' He understood and said, 'OK, go out and get yourself a horse.' So I went to a friend of mine, a cowboy I know, and I asked him if he had a good quarter horses. He said, 'Yeah,' and we looked at a sorrel, and a dapple grey, and they had a white palomino. They also had this black horse the cowboy was working. I said, 'This one' and I pointed to the black horse. He'd just been broken, and he had a very tender mouth, and he was shaking all the time, almost like a thoroughbred, very nervous. I got on him, and he bucked me right away, and it took quite a while to subdue him.

So this decided me in his favor, I wouldn't have any other horse. We got him onto the sound stage, and that's where we made a mistake. Because you can't take a horse and put him on a sound stage with all those strong lights and deep shadows. A horse walks from the lights to the shadows and he can' t see. And then he bumps into something, and then he hears strange noises and gets even more nervous. And he starts kicking. So, the first week we were shooting, the horse kicks out four or five lights, bites other horses, broke my big toe stamping up and down and bit me in the back about four times.

That was the beginning and it went on for all of three years. That horse and I fought for three years. Both of us went on winning. He would step on me--on purpose. Just reach over and go right on my foot. Again and again. And I'd punch him each time for stepping on me, but he would do it again. We never did compromise. The sonofabitch, no matter how much he was paid back in kind, he stood his place. He was black with white stocking feet, and his name was Ringo, and we really loved each other. But he never surrendered and this is how he taught me a lesson. He proved better than me, and smarter--and he beat me.

Steve in his Jaguar and Ringo

I heard that Steve McQueen became a Christian shortly before he died, through Billy Graham's influence.

McQueen was born Catholic and became a born again Christian due to the influence of his third wife Barbara Minty and his flying instructor Sammy Mason. Billy Graham visited Steve just before he died but wasn't the reason for him becoming religious.

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