Chad McQueen sues Ferrari. Read the complaint

Info on the 2020 Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show  UPDATE: Postponed 

"Mystery of  Missing Bullitt Mustang Solved"

Chad McQueen sues designer Tom Ford over "McQueen Sweaters".

A Guide to some of McQueen's watches.

The interesting story of a Steve McQueen Rolex

First 2019 Bullitt Mustang sells for $300,000.

Original 1968 Mustang from "Bullitt" going to auction

"Thomas Crown Affair" dune buggy going to auction

McQueen's race suit from "Le Mans" sells for  $336,000.

Most expensive cars sold at RM Auctions.

Trans Am from "The Hunter" found.

"Steve McQueen: Don't Crack Under Pressure" Addition to article here.

McQueen's 1945 Willys Jeep seels for $109,300.

Original dune buggy from "The Thomas Crown Affair" found. 

Press release for "Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rear View Mirror"

Ford Celebrates 10 Millionth Mustang

The Story of an Accident, a Porsche 917, and Steve McQueen

Missing Mustang from "Bullitt" found in Mexico. More here and here.

When Steve McQueen was the talk of  the town in Hong Kong.

"The Return of a Hollywood Legend:  Steve McQueen's Mustang"

"Le Mans: The Car Movie that made Steve McQueen lose his cool"

McQueen and the Harrington Jacket.

Press release for "Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon"  

"How the King of Cool Met The King of Kings"

Listen to an interview with Don Nunley on Car Cast w/Adam Carolla

McQueen's racing suit from Le Mans going to auction. UPDATE: Sold for $336,000.

An interview with Neile Adams

New Bullitt Mustang may be in development.

Steve McQueen and his Speedster.

PAST EVENT: Porsche 917K used in "LeMans" going to auction

PAST EVENT: Details on the  Steve McQueen Exhibition taking place July/August in Paris, France at the Galerie JOSEPH.

PAST EVENT: 10th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show June 3 in Chino, CA.

McQueen's Solar Drive house is for sale.

His Palm Springs home is also for sale.

Article from 1964 on Steve McQueen and his '63 Triumph Bonneville 

Jaguar bringing back Steve McQueen's Jaguar XKSS.  More here.

Bruce Lee's student file on  McQueen sells for $24,361. More here.

McQueen's 1912 Harley Davidson X8E Big Twin going to auction. UPDATE: Sold for $72,000 (82,800 with fees).

Behind the scenes of "On Any Sunday" Part 1 and Part 2.

How Jaguar rebuilt the XKSS.

Slate Grey Porsche 911 R Inspired By Steve McQueen

Belfast's Bullitt  portrait heist. Story update here.

How to get Steve McQueen's most iconic looks.

In the Driving Seat With Steve McQueen

Racing Demon: the return of the Jaguar XKSS

Article on his 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Luso.

The story behind The Man & Le Mans and an interview with the director.

McQueen's Porsche 930 sold for $1,950,000. Watch the video of the sale. Read more here. 

Daily Mail article on the Porsche 930 Turbo

McQueen's 1963 Triumph Bonneville sells for $103,500 

McQueen's 1953 Siata 208S Spyder for sale at $1.295 million.

Press release for the 9th Annual Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show 2016

What would Steve McQueen drive today?

1969 Heuer "McQueen Monaco" worn in Le Mans reissued for 2015, more identical to the one worn by Steve McQueen.

Retracing Steve McQueen's Los Angeles in his Jaguar XKSS.

Steve McQueen and the Sexiest Cars and Motorcycles on Film

Motorcycle Immortality: McQueen's 1963 Triumph Bonneville

2016 Triumph Scrambler: Channel Your Inner Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen's Dream Movie Wakes Up With A Vroom.

The Hunt For Steve McQueen's Heuer Watches

Le Mans turned into a graphic novel.

Review of "Bullitt" themed Belfast hotel. 

Review of the Bullitt Hotel's restaurant.

Famous Veteran: Steve McQueen

Porsche 911 T Coupe driven during the making of Le Mans going to auction. UPDATE: Did not sell. 

"Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans" documentary premieres at Cannes. Watch the trailer.

"I Watched a Steve McQueen Movie and All I Got Was This Major Leg Surgery"

"Steve McQueen: He Knew Where He Was Going."

Flashback 1980: Steve McQueen dies in Juarez

Recap of the 8th Annual Friends of  Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show

McQueen's 1952 Chevy Custom Camper Pickup going to auction.

1934 Indian Sport Scout once owned by McQueen sells for $95,000,

Tag-Heuer Steve McQueen page.

Racing with Steve McQueen

Article on McQueen's high style in The Thomas Crown Affair.

McQueen's last special order Porsche going to auction.  UPDATE: Sold for 1.95 million.

Barbour and Triumph join forces to create a bike fit for McQueen.

McQueen's 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer sets record-sells for $852,500.

Steve McQueen's Midas Touch

Pictures from the 8th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show official site. 15 of the coolest displays.

McQueen's 1952 Chevy Truck w/camper sold on Ebay.

UPDATE: Steve's 1952 Chevy Custom Camper  Pickup sold for $37,500.

Past event: Press release for the 2015 8th Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show.

Chad McQueen interview.

Lust and Marriage: Steve McQueen and Neile Adams

Why my dad was cinema's Mr Mean.

More news on McQueen biopic.

Driving the Ferrari 275 GTB/4.

Steve McQueen tried to persuade Clint Eastwood to take Apocalypse Now role.

Ridiculous story on McQueen's aftershave.

When Steve McQueen ran out of gas.

McQueen's "other" Husky 400.

A lost McQueen Super-Jeep?

Wanted: Dead or Alive rifle sells for $23,700.

Five Things I Learned From Steve McQueen.

How you exercise McQueen's $30 million Jaguar XKSS.

1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer owned by McQueen being auctioned. Mecham's site here. UPDATE: Sold for $852,500

Article listing some results of the Las Vegas Bohnam's auction.

Why Steve McQueen canceled his $3 million life insurance policy.

McQueen's Ferrari 275 GTB/4 sold for ten million dollars.

MqQueen's introduction to Triumph motorcycles.

Like Steve McQueen motorcycle gear.

Article on Steve McQueen's 1967 Ferrari GTB/4. 

Men's Style Icons to Live By.

Chasing the Ghosts of Bullitt.

10 most expensive cars sold at auction in 2014 (#6 is McQueen's Ferrari)

See what went into the Restoration of Steve McQueen's Ferrari.

1969 Porsche 917K featured in "Le Mans" going to auction. More here. UPDATE: Has been removed from auction.

Steve McQueen in Montana.

Neile Adams interview.

Steve McQueen's restored Ferrari 275 GTB/4.

The Ferrari 275 GTB/4 to be auctioned.

Some McQueen-owned cars/motorcycles that have sold.

Another story on the Jaguar XKSS.

Article on how Steve McQueen found religion.

The Day Steve McQueen met Keith Moon.

Article on retired detective who may have inspired McQueen's "Bullitt" character..

"Bullitt" filming locations: then and now video.

The Steve McQueen Effect: How it drives up classic car prices.

Top Gear story on Steve McQueen's Ferrari GTB/4.

McQueen, Von Dutch motorcycles sold at auction. See the results.

Past event: 2014: Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show.

The Ferrari 275 GTB/4 to be auctioned.

Press Release for the new book: "Steve McQueen: The Cooler King"

Press Release: Unseen McQueen.

Interesting article titled  "Photostory: Steve McQueen"

Interview with Ali McGraw.

1938 Harley WLD Solo Sport going to auction. UPDATE: Sold for $125,000.

Idaho ranch once owned by Steve McQueen is for sale. More here

Bullitt Jacket did not meet reserve at auction, two Bullitt Mustangs sold. 

Steve McQueen's brush with victory.

The Thomas Crown Affair Suit Revisited

Some results from the July 2013 Mecum auction. More here..

Lizett Bond recaps the 2013 Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show.

1967 Rolls-Royce Sliver Shadow from "The Thomas Crown Affair" sold for $36,300.

Trailer recut: Bullitt "Fast and Furious" Version. 

PAST EVENT: Steve McQueen's Husqvarna 400 Cross up for auction

His Baja 1000 1969 Chevy truck also going to auction , along with his 1931 Harley Davidson VL 74. 

PAST EVENT: Read the press releases for this auction. Visit the official Mecum website. 

Article: Mustang Memories.

The GT40 Mirage is the most expensive American car ever sold.

A "McQueen/Le Mans" inspired BMW M3.

Why McQueen canceled his $3mill. insurance policy.

U.K. article claims McQueen wore Clark's Desert Boot. Read about his real choice of shoes here. McQueen's jacket from "Bullitt" sold for $720,000. (it was reported later that the jacket did not meet the reserve price) 

Press release for jacket here..

Persol's Steve McQueen sunglasses..

1968 Dodge Charger from "Bullitt" for sale for one million dollars

Article on Peter Revson, McQueen's co-driver at the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Record breaking 11 million dollars paid at auction for the Le Mans Gulf GT40. More here.  

Original Heuer Monaco watch worn by Steve McQueen in "Le Mans" sells for $799,500 at auction. 

McQueen's Porsche 911S sells for a record $1,375,000  More here.

Article titled "The Spiritual Journey of Steve McQueen." .

Video of McQueen's restored Ferrari 275 GTB/4.

See all the Steve McQueen stuff at Amazon: CLICK HERE!

The 1951 Chevrolet Styleline DeLuxe Convertible sells for $88,000..

GQ has lots of photos in The Steve McQueen Look Book

Article on the Bonham's auction which featured Steve McQueen's Husqvarna 400 Cross notes that it did not sell. More here

1904 Winton Flyer Replica from "The Reivers" sells for $68,750.

Article on the Lola T70 Le Mans film car that was up for auction.

Auction result: The 1969 Lola T70 Le Mans film car did not sell

An interview with Ali McGraw.

Ferrari to restore McQueen's 275 GTB4. More here. 

Article: Steve McQueen: A Beginners Guide to the Icon's Icon. 

Article on the 50th Anniversary of The Great Escape

Steve McQueen's 1951 Chevrolet Styleline De Luxe Convertible to be sold at auction. More here

Style Icons: Steve McQueen

Tag Heuer's McQueen page.
Tommy Hilfiger inspired by Steve McQueen 

An interview with Chad McQueen 

1970 Sebring Trophy sold at auction for $17,500.  

McQueen's 1970 Husqvarna 400 Cross that was for sale. More here

New documentary on McQueen to be produced. Husqvarna concept "Baja" inspired by the 400.

Press Release for the1968 Ford GT40 Mirage.

WatchPro Motorsports article on racing and watches.

Everything you ever wanted to know about The Thomas Crown Affair dune buggy. McQueen's Santa Paula ranch sold.

Article on the Monterey auction (took place Aug. 17-18) that featured several McQueen cars. Another here.

Press Releases: Steve McQueen: A Passion for Speed and Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films. 

Triumph introduces the Steve McQueen Special Edition Jacket 2. 

U.K. article: Steve McQueen photos from  Palm Springs, 1963. 

Past event (took place Aug.17-19, 2012): A 1938 Triumph Speed Twin and a 1940 Indian 4 cylinder once owned by McQueen up for auction. Barbara McQueen will make an appearance. 

Official wrap-up of the 2012 Steve McQueen Car Show. 

7/25/2012: Barbara McQueen to speak at the House of Representatives Staff Briefing. 

Some photos from the Steve McQueen Car Show. 

Road Test: 2012 Triumph Bonneville Steve McQueen Edition  and the Métisse Triumph McQueen Replica 

Past event: Press Release: The Sixth Annual Friends of Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle Show. Go to the official site here.

Press Releases: Triumph 2012 Limited Edition Steve McQueen motorcycle
and Husqvarna Moab concept Scrambler based on McQueen's H400.

Past event: Fifth annual Steve McQueen Car Show in Chino Hills, June 2, 2012. 

Past event: Press Release: 2012 Steve McQueen Car Show. More here. 

Steve McQueen: Understanding the Enduring Allure.

Past event: Two motorcycles once owned by Steve McQueen to be displayed in Santa Ana, CA on 6/10 at the 1st Annual Bikes and Bombers Event. Racing with Steve McQueen

  McQueen's Santa Paula Ranch an REO 

Past event: Retrospective of McQueen's films with a book signing by Neile Adams at the Egyptian Theater March 29-April 1, 2012. 

McQueen's "Le Mans" racing suit sells for $984,000. Read the history of the suit at the auction website. More here.

Ten Things Steve McQueen Would Never Do

PAST EVENT: Press Release: 21st Annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction. Jan12-14. Featuring 3 McQueen motorcycles, other items, Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen. Here's  the Auction Site.

"Le Mans" driver Derek Bell talks about the movie and McQueen.

My interview with Marshall Terrill, author of the ultimate biography "The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon."

Barbour releases a  limited edition Steve McQueen capsule collection.  

"Le Mans" racing suit  up for auction. Update: Sold for $984,000.

"John Dominis: Steve McQueen: The King of Cool"  photo exhibit in Paris, France that was Sept.30-Dec.11, 2011.

Life Magazine has some McQueen photos from 1963.

Press Release: McQueen owned 1931 Brough Superior SS80 motorcycle up for auction. UPDATE: sold for $176,000.

Auction: Steve McQueen's 1953 Siata 208S Spider. UPDATE: sold for $946,000 Interesting article on the Siata.

Press Release for bio "Steve McQueen: A Biography" U.K. Press release here.  

Read a short history of the Triumph company here.  Another interesting article: "Can Triumph Power British Manufacturing Abroad."

McQueen's Husqvarna 400 sells for $144,500

Style Thief: Steve McQueen

Press Release: Gateway Classic Limited Edition Steve McQueen Mustang.

"Republican Steve McQueen Makes A Comeback"

A few photos from the Boys Republic Steve McQueen Car Show.

Awesome McQueen Honda commercial.

Auction: McQueen's 1970 Porsche 911S. RM Auctions site is HERE.

Read my interview with Marshall Terrill.

Article about The Thomas Crown Affair dune buggy.

Auction: Surf board from the McQueen collection. UPDATE: sold for $17,500.

Very rare vintage McQueen autograph for sale.

Steve McQueen biopic based on Marshall Terrill's books goes into development.  Jeremy Renner will star.

Tag's McQueen-inspired cell phone.

Lady Gaga claims Steve McQueen wrote Born This Way?

Steve McQueen's Santa Paula Ranch: Price Reduced.

Press Release: 5th Annual Steve McQueen Days 2011 April 29-30.  More at City of Slater website.

My interview with Marshall Terrill, author of the new book "Steve McQueen: the Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon."

Bonhams auctioning McQueen's 1971 Husqvarna 400 and a few of his racing trophies May 14. More HERE.

Wall Street Journal Online article:  "Chasing the Ghosts of Bullitt." Same author/topic, different article HERE

Tag Heuer's Limited Edition McQueen Motorcycle Helmet.

Buy the original racing suit McQueen wore in Le Mans. More HERE.

Interesting article: Steve McQueen and the Discovery of the Self..

Past event Press Release: Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show- June 4.  Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show website.

Steve McQueen's right hand man Robert E. Relyea dies at age of 82> article HERE.."

Peter Yates, director of Bullitt, dies.

Hillard Elkins, talent manager during McQueen's rise to fame, dies.

Article titled: "Fashion Channels the Steve McQueen MOJO.&quo t;

Steve McQueen's birthday celebrated in Beech Grove, Indiana (occured 3/19/2011) with Wanted: Dead or Alive Days.

Nice interview with Barbara McQueen.

McQueen's Husqvarna up for auction. More details HERE.

"Steve McQueen's Ghost Lives as Italian Fashion Week begins."More Fashion Week stuff HERE

Article on the Jaguar SKSS.

Marshall Terrill's "Ten Things You Don't Know About Steve McQueen."

Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen to give lecture in Pheonix, AZ April 7, 2011

Los Angeles intersection named "Steve McQueen Square."

The Official 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve McQueen Motor Parade photos  Here.

French ad for Steve McQueen Perfume.

"Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool"

Triumph has some new McQueen-themed clothing.

McQueen" nightclub opens in London.

Limited edition and expensive Persol retro McQueen sunglasses. 

Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen in the U.K. Nov. 3-12. More Here and Here

Press Release: The Official 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve McQueen.  on Nov. 11 at  Arclight Hollywood. Motor Parade photos  Here.

Great article with video of the 1970 Sebring 12 Hour race   

Some rich guy buys McQueen's Baja Boot. 

Steve McQueen Cologne...seriously.

5 exclusive pictures from

Bud Ekin's Collection to be auctioned Nov. 18. More Here.

Press Release: Marshall Terrill book signing in Beech Grove with Barbara McQueen (that was) on Oct. 31.

Life Magazine Online posts some McQueen photos.

Shoes McQueen wore on/off screen.'s interview with Marshall Terrill

McQueen's Santa Paula Ranch for sale.   

Old press release: Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen to appear in Palm Springs, CA Feb 23, 2011.

Old press release: King of Cool Car Show/Book Signing with Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen  August 14 (2010)in Tacoma, WA.

The shoes worn in Bullitt.  

What were Steve McQueen's favorite shoes?

Recent McQueen biography available.

British Film Institute hosting a Steve McQueen season in August (2010).

 An interview with Neile Adams McQueen and a slideshow.

Autoblog's article on McQueen's birthday.

McQueen's Siata 208S at auction ($1.295,000) on Ebay.< /b>

Article on McQueen's autograph.

Steve McQueen Days  April 23-24 2010 in Slater, MO.

Two McQueen-themed motorcycle helmets available.

The most ridiculous  McQueen product ever.

Nice article on the Porsche 911S from Le Mans.

Article from Uncut Magazine.

Triumph creates a "Bonneville Heuer" McQueen- inspired motorcycle.

Info on the Seattle Art Museum McQueen Film Series.

Real story of  "The Great Escape." 

Who owns the Porsche 917 from the movie "Le Mans?"

McQueen's restored Stearman.

Co-creator of mini-Cooper gave racing lessons to Steve McQueen.

McQueen-owned 1940 Indian Chief sells for $99,450.

Classic Indian Chief Motorcycle revived.

Marshall Terrill  talks about the upcoming Steve McQueen movie.

McQueen's Santa Paula home for sale.

One of Steve McQueen's first TV appearances now on DVD.

Article states that McQueen may have won the 1970 Sebring Race.

Another McQueen auction at Bonhams. 

Autoweek article on the above auction.

Photos of two famous race cars from the Porsche Museum in Germany.

Press Release: Results of the Antiquorum McQueen Monaco, Rolex, and motorcycle auction. Previous press release for the above auction.

WSJ: Fashion Channels the Steve McQueen Mojo.

A funny SF Weekly headline.

McQueen's FIM racing license and Triumph sold at auction.

Details on the salute in Le Mans.

Story on the Steve McQueen biopics.

Press release for Marshall Terrill's upcoming McQueen tribute book.

A  McQueen motorcycle offered by British company Metisse Motorcycles.

a2z Racer Gear has some great officially licensed McQueen apparel

Remembering the 1970 Sebring race.

Photos of Steve McQueen in 1979.

An Enemy of the People and Soldier in the Rain now on DVD.

Another addition to  McQueen references in music.

Info on the dune buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair.

Site on Vintage Motorcycle Sports.

Results from  the Bonham's McQueen auction.

A U.K. article on Clark's Desert Boot, which some say McQueen occasionally wore. Here's more information on his shoes.

Press release for Barbara McQueen's final Last Mile exhibition in Arizona on March 6, 2009.

Article on McQueen's Porsche Turbo Carerra which sold at auction.

Story about a Husqvarna 400 Cross once owned by Steve McQueen.

BBC news  Metisse motorcycle article HERE.

McQueen's Baja Boot off-road racer sells at auction.

Order "The Essential Steve McQueen Collection."

Article on Steve McQueen fashion.

Steve Mcqueen 2009 Calendar available  

L.A. Times article on McQueen and the Santa Paula Airport.

The McQueen Resurrection

Another good Santa Paula article HERE.

Steve McQueen: the most iconic biker of all time.  


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Barbara McQueen/Marshall Terrill to appear at the Santa Paula Airport 12/6

McQueen's Baja Boot sells at auction.

Press Release for above event.

Two new McQueen books available 

The McQueen reference in Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust"

Story on the remake of "Papillon"

Neile McQueen to auction off some McQueen items on 10/25. More here and here.

Yet another article on the auction.

2008 Bullitt Mustang. More HERE.


The McQueen jacket controversy.

McQueen's Le Mans Porsche for sale. 

Another motorcycle up for auction.  

McQueen motorcycle SOLD.  

His  Mini Cooper S  and Ferrari that were  FOR SALE.  

Ferrari SOLD  

Mercedes SOLD.

McQueen:  favorite biker of all time

Soundtrack for "The Blob" available.

Press release for Robert Relyea's Book Soup Signing on 9/10.

Trailer for "Finding McQueen" 

McQueen Days report.

McQueen Days Press Release

My interview with Barbara McQueen

McQueen's first wife updated version of My Husband, My Friend." It is also  optioned to be made into a movie

Article on documentary An American Rebel

Brad Pitt may  take on Steve McQueen role in Bullitt

Book "12 Hours of Sebring 1970" documents race by the people who were there.

Bud Ekins  passes away at 77

Who is Steve McQueen?" clip from YouTube.

Another McQueen motorcycle is FOR SALE

Bullitt documentary available on YouTube

Nelly Fertado's song "Promiscuous Girl" makes a McQueen reference

View The 2005 Mustang Ad


Cinema Retro Magazine covers Blobfest 2007

Legends weekend goes off with a bang.

New explanation for the "two finger salute" in "Le Mans."

Exact replica of the 6 Day Trials Steve McQueen Jacket available. 

Articles on the result of the Steve McQueen Auction.

Nice interview with Barbara Minty McQueen HERE.

BBC News link: McQueen auction: In Pictures

Article on the Steve McQueen based Triumph motorcycle 

Press release for new photo book by Barbara Minty and Marshall Terrill. 

Three short articles quoting Barbara Minty McQueen from "The Last Mile."

Great article with pictures of the McQueen sale

"Le Mans Race Remains Cool."

See amazing deleted scenes from The Sand Pebbles! (via

Link to photos from the upcoming McQueen auction. 

Video of interview with James Garner on Steve McQueen and clip from Superstars of Action dealing with the Sand Pebbles.

How McQueen and Bullitt influenced the design of the Mustang.

Info on Steve McQueen Collection Auction .

Photos of a McQueen billboard in Cannes, France.

Read my interview with the author of "Portrait of an American Rebel."

See the video of Steve McQueen on "What's My Line." 

Article from Total Film Magazine.

McQueen's military records released.

Premiere Magazine article

The McQueen billboard on Melrose in Los Angeles!

Original McQueen Photo--A never before seen McQueen picture first released on this site.

Biography Magazine article on the McQueen family military history.

More photos HERE.

Two photos from the 2003 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Exclusive details on the last interview Steve McQueen gave HERE.

Images from the movie BULLITT.

Detailed information on the gun used in Bullitt only available HERE.

The 2001 Ford Bullitt/Mustang.

7 Reasons Steve McQueen Was Magnificent.

McQueen on Julia Robert's shirt.

CRIME DETECTIVE magazine cover.

Early photos of McQueen from Theater Arts Mag. Feb 1954.

McQueen voted coolest celebrity EVER .

See the Tag Heuer ad .

Story on the new 2005 Ford Mustang commercial featuring McQueen.

An original photo sent in by a Boys Republic Alumni.

Photos from the Steve McQueen Memorial Party in Zurich, Switzerland..

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